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Watch N Catch Surveillance Crack+ With License Code Free Download For PC

Watch N Catch is a revolution in video management system. It is a point-to-point communication based software system for IP Surveillance. With it you can:
• View live video from any location with our operator monitoring system on web browser, phone, mobile and SMS (Collect all data in one monitoring centre in any location. Instantly obtain the facility details of every camera, enable you to remotely setup a new location from anywhere in the world & enhance security. It enables you to watch live video of your setup from anywhere at any time in the world).
• View all available cameras of a given location via web browser, phone, mobile and SMS from any location in the world.
• Manage your remote locations in any other remote network (whether public or private) – whether a residential, commercial or corporate setup – with in an instant mobility. View live video of your setup.
• Integration of any IP camera of any location and monitor them from anywhere.
• A dedicated server for connecting your camera.
• Convert your web cam to a powerful surveillance device.
• Instant SMS and Phone alerts.
• 24×7 monitoring service.
• Dedicated operator monitoring system.
Manage your Remote Locations for unlimited Camera(s):
• IT Network Cloud Servers
• Easy to Update: just upload a new video file and download the live image and view it, no need to wait for the new ISO or frame by frame
• All compatible web browsers.
Download Watch N Catch here: Watch N Catch Demo
Visit Watch N Catch at www.watchncatch.com


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Watch N Catch Surveillance Free Registration Code

No extra hardware is required to monitor your setup with Watch N Catch which
enables you to get in touch with your family or staff any time and anywhere
around the world. Watch N Catch is the must have software for your setup. No
more worries of your security and safety.
The software offers you the power of surveillance 24/7 all the time.
You can add any number of Web Cameras, IPCameras, Digital Devices
and make them to operate as a part of your setup with complete control of
For example, imagine a case, a family live in USA and there is a camera in
the family premises. One of the family members is visiting USA from
Bengladesh for the personal purpose and while this family member is
abroad, any intrusion or disturbance in that set up can be reported to
the local Police through e-mail, chat or SMS. You will be informed
instantly about any disruption or any problem to the security of your
Even if your family members are abroad, they can be in touch with you, the
operator, by phone calls from our country’s Police Department. Our 24
hour onsite Help Center is ready to answer you with any query with
complete satisfaction.
Your neighbors can be in touch with you through our call centers
e-mail and chat through the software at any given hour. The perfect
surveillance for your family or staff.
Installation of the software is very easy. Just one click and your family
or staff will be in touch with you, anytime. You can control and manage
your software and devices from your desktop, web, mobile or SMS. You can
get the required uptime for your setup from your operator. They are
responsible for the quality of service and 24×7 availability of the setup.
Your setup will remain alive throughout your busy life.
Once you install the software and connect your devices to the Watch
N Catch software, the software will automatically download and install
itself. There is no need to install any software.
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Steps to setup Indoor Surveillance Solution
1. Install the individual software e.g. DVR, Camera, DVR, Audio etc.
2. Install the individual software such as e.g. Control Point, NVR,
Video Management System
3. Download and Install “Watch N Catch” software
4. To manage all the

Watch N Catch Surveillance

Watch N Catch

As the name suggests, the watch n catch is a surveillance software for desktop PC and a web based system. The watch n catch software is a security and surveillance tool. The web based version of the software allows you to view your webcam, IP cameras and all other video device simultaneously. And at that time, it is possible for you to view the webcam on your PC or other device as well. It works with all the windows operating systems and is compatible with most internet browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari and Edge etc.

Watch n catch comes with a user friendly GUI and it is quite easy to get accustomed to this software. The software comes with some unique features and the ones that stand out are listed below.

· You can connect this software with your IP cameras, webcam, tablets, smartphones and many other gadgets. The software has a lot of control features and you will know better if you test the software on a real world scenario.

· You can not only view your video device from your PC, but can also view all of them at the same time. In fact, the full video output is organized and arranged in a way so that all your devices are visible to you.

· The software is extremely simple to use and its control features are highly advanced. If you want to, you can have the software to automatically record whatever is happening on the screen. Another feature of the software is that you can remotely control your camera or other video device and you can change their settings whenever you want.

· Now who does not want to have total control over their surveillance device? While you can change all the settings of the software, you can also save all these settings as a profile and you can have all of them, when you want.

· Watch n catch supports a lot of protocols and can integrate with a lot of webcam devices, such as Netgear, TP-Link, Logitech, Tascam, Goepn, 5.1 and many more.

· You have a lot of features to experiment with and find out what you want.

All the features mentioned above are not the unique ones, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. You can visit this link to view all the features of the software. These features can be further enhanced and you can get extra features, which cannot be found in other software. This is the exact reason why you need to buy watch n

What’s New In Watch N Catch Surveillance?

Watch N Catch is the next-generation video surveillance application designed to connect and display any video-captured and monitored location from a remote location instantly. A revolution in video management system- Secure your setup The Watch N Catch video management system provides excellent surveillance of all your locations in real time and enables you to get in touch of your family, staff or belongings, any time from anywhere in the world on your mobile or web. Watch N Catch Surveillance allows you to monitor anyone 24/7.
Here are some key features of “Watch N Catch Surveillance”:
■ No need for any extra hardware. The software integrates all your existing and new Web Cameras, IPCameras, Digital Devices and provides the unmatched surveillance for your setup.
■ Receive phone calls from our 24×7 operative monitoring centers, on all the phone nos. registered with us e.g. to your nearest Police Station, yourself, your neighbors.
■ Watch N Catch enables you to monitor your setup on web browser from any location of the world. It provides, complete access and operational control from web
■ Integrate any of your remote locations with Watch N Catch e.g. ware-house or any remote setup and enjoy the power of surveillance.
■ Integrate any of your digital devices e.g. digital cameras or cam coders and enjoy the power of surveillance.
■ PTZ command from desktop, web, mobile & SMS and you can manage your digital devices or IP Cameras remotely
■ Monitor your setup on your mobile. Watch N Catch enables you to operate and access your software from any mobile all the times.
■ Control the world-class surveillance from your mobile or web or sms from anywhere in the world.
■ View live video of any location on your mobile or web any time from anywhere in the world.
■ Manage your remote locations in any other remote network – whether public or private.
■ Integrate unlimited camera
■ Register unlimited contact.
■ 24×7 monitoring service.
■ Instant SMS and Phone alerts.
■ Dedicated server.
■ Pentium 4
■ 512 MB RAM
■ 100 MB Free Space
■ 1024 X 768
■ Video Card(optional)
■ Broad Band
■.Net Framework 2

System Requirements:

Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Mac OS X 10.6 or later
1.27 GB available space
Java 6 or later
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