HostsDock 1.6.7 Crack [Mac/Win] (2022)







HostsDock 1.6.7 X64

Update your hosts file on Mac OS X or Windows
Add, manage and remove hosts in your browser’s history
Create a local files provider for quick access
Simple and clean interface
Supports SSH and Git servers, more than 40 hosts
Syntax highlighting
Lines search and replace

Install and use HostsDock


To download the latest version of HostsDock for your platform, visit the website

Add Hosts

You can add hosts by browsing or typing the address, which in both cases will bring up the Hosts window so that you can modify it by adding, removing or updating it. The hosts will appear at the bottom of the window and you can even filter the results with the use of the search box. Click the Add Hosts button to save the changes or use the Remove Hosts icon to clear the filter and start over.

Manage Hosts

HostsDock comes with a simple interface that allows you to add, remove and edit hosts at the bottom of the window. You can even use the search bar to filter the results and find the host you are looking for as you do with web pages.


Local Files Provisioning

Store your hosts on your Mac or Windows host file by using the upload button. You can see when and where the host file was last modified using the time stamp.

Extra Features

Remote Hosts Provisioning

Connect to remote hosts with SSH and Git.

Hosts by network

You can select a network type or a sub-network host type to display the relevant hosts. You can also see if the host is enabled or disabled as well as whether it has been added as a search provider.

SSH & Git

HostsDock supports SSH and Git hosts. All your hosts will be listed under the respective section of the hosts window. You can access host settings from the SSH and Git section.

Syntax Highlighting

HostsDock not only allows you to search for text but it also highlights it in search results so that you can quickly find where you need to change the hosts file.

Search & Replace

HostsDock allows you to search and replace text in the hosts file.

Search Hosts/Networks

Search hosts and networks on your host file.


This app is developed by Ciscosoft.

How to Use?

HostsDock 1.6.7 Free

> Download Now for macOS, Linux, and Windows
> Optimized for macOS
> 100% Free
> No account required

Download HostsDock for free

How to download HostsDock for free

To get the app, all you have to do is go to the HostsDock download page and download it. Once done, you can find a.deb package file for you to download.
A straightforward way to install the application is to double-click the file. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software. When it finishes, launch it and you are ready to go.

HostsDock Requirements

HostsDock needs the following requirements:

Intel x86-64 architecture, with support for Intel 80386 and later processor instruction set (Note: A 32-bit CPU will run HostsDock, but it may not be able to utilize all the features of this app).

64 MB of available RAM on the device.

At least 400 MB free disk space available on the device.

These requirements are not very complicated. If you meet them, HostsDock is ready for use.

HostsDock Alternatives

As it stands, I could not come up with a good alternative to HostsDock. There are certainly some very good apps on the market that are capable of replacing this software but they are aimed mainly at Linux users.
On the Windows side, there is also the FileSquid. There is no download available for it as it is just a web-based utility that can help with maintaining and switching host files on a Windows system.


I have switched to using my own mini filehost based on
In essence it has an executable which records all your hosts and port mappings and an index-style directory structure – I have directories with 1-4 hosts in.
Basically I have 4 copies of hosts on my system, 1 on each drive. The file structure is:
├── /etc/hosts.d/
├── /etc/hosts

├── /etc/hosts.d/boxA
├── /etc/hosts.d/boxA/domainA.com
├── /etc/hosts.d/boxB
├── /etc/hosts.

HostsDock 1.6.7 With Key

HostsDock is a minimalist host file management app. It has two modes: a simple mode for editing local hosts, and a complete mode for editing all hosts. In the simplest mode, you can add, edit, and remove hosts. In full mode, you can write, edit, or remove them by directory. There is a dropdown to navigate the hosts file directory, and because HostsDock is a Windows only app, a special feature is also available that allows you to export the hosts as a simple text file.
If you think that you could use a little more power and don’t mind being limited to Windows only, then you should think about the Windows platform.


Try setting the hosts file as Windows system variables
Put the path to your hosts file in the System variable:
Windows 8 & Windows 10
Search for it in the search function.
Search for ‘Path’ and set ‘Path’ to the path to the hosts file in the search.
Then press enter.


Magento: Get block by block name and display

I am aware that a block is the core of all things in Magento. Therefore, I assume this is the easiest and quickest way to accomplish the following.

Query all of the blocks on the page
Get the name of the block that I’m looking for, eg: the_current_block
Display that block

I am just wondering if I am correct in that assumption. I have found solutions that I think work, but I am not sure if this is the best way to do it.
getChild(‘content’) as $container) {
foreach ($container as $block) {
if ($block->getName() == ‘the_current_block’) {
echo $block->toHtml();


I would recommend reading this tutorial which creates a menu from the blocks, but will work for your situation as well:

To answer your question, I’ve done something like this:

What’s New in the?

Type “hosts” into the search box on the desktop and hit enter. You will be led to a new website.
HOSTSDOCK – Fully featured Host file manager, very simple to use.
✔ 80%+ uptime
✔ Store your own custom hosts (preferable #1)
✔ Save your host file settings to your desktop, documents etc
✔ Quick access (bookmarks)
✔ Bookmark support (#2 & #3)
✔ Switchable between your hosts
✔ Copy link (just like bookmark)
✔ Write and edit host files with syntax highlighting
✔ Chrome & other browsers
✔ Mac & Window’s OS
✔ Linux
✔ #Appname
✔ It is a Workhorse you can rely on.
✔ Fully featured (if you require a feature request please leave a comment)
❗️ Please contact me to pay for the domains through my email address.
❗️ If you are not getting updates or the app doesn’t work for you please re-install the app and reboot your pc.
❗️ Downloaded and installed apps leave files behind – this application is not in the “application store”.
❗️ If you have any difficulties or questions about the app please read the FAQ and a manual.
❗️ I am not liable for any problems that occur, software patches, patches and updates or system/hardware problems, if you need an app please read the FAQ and manual before download.
❗️ You are downloading this app under the premise that you fully understand the risks and there are no warranty against hardware and software failure, this is a fully on-premise app.
❗️ No support in this area, like every paid app if you cannot afford the cost, please explore support options from the developers of the 3rd party apps you use, they are the people who have paid for and supported the apps.
❗️ If you are not getting updates or the app doesn’t work for you please re-install the app and reboot your pc.
❗️ If you have any difficulties or questions about the app please read the FAQ and a manual.
❗️ I am not liable for any problems that occur, software patches, patches and updates or system/hardware problems, if you need an app please read the FAQ and manual before download.
❗️ You are downloading this app under the premise that you fully

System Requirements For HostsDock:

Genuine Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0 or Windows ME operating systems
1 GB of available disk space
128 MB of available RAM
DirectX 9.0c-compatible video card
CD-ROM drive
Minimum Resolution: 1024 x 768
Supported Video Card Models:
NVIDIA GeForce 8800GTS/GT/GX / GeForce 8800GT/GTS/GT/GX-based cards
AMD Radeon HD 2600, AMD Radeon HD 2900, Radeon HD


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