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Nyagua is a multi-platform management utility for aquariums. It lets you create, edit, view, and administer multiple aquarium databases with ease. Its standalone, rapid entry, and multi-platform abilities ensure that you won’t find long hours of setup and configuration.

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Nyagua [2022-Latest]

Nyagua Full Crack is the easiest and most advanced aquarium database tool on the planet. Nyagua Crack Mac will help you store, organize, and manage your aquarium inventory! There are many functions in Nyagua Cracked 2022 Latest Version including adding, editing, deleting, sorting, filtering, converting data, and viewing and editing aquarium data. For example:
>Adds aquarium data.
>Easily sorts, filters, deletes, and displays aquarium data.
>Converts data, such as gallon to liter, and vice versa
>Views and edits aquarium data.
>Allows you to add, edit, delete, and view aquarium data.
>Finds water temperature.
>Finds heater settings for aquarium temperatures.
>Finds room temperature of aquarium.
>Finds tank heaters/pumps and their flowrates.
>Finds and adds fish, invertebrates, plants, and more.
>Finds and manages your fish.
>Finds and manages your invertebrates.
>Finds and manages your plants.
>Finds and manages your facilities.
>Finds and manages your aquariums.
>Uses a SQLite database.
>Views and edits your aquariums data.
>Includes tools to create aquariums, data, equipments, supplies, and more.
>Filters, sorts, and displays your aquariums data.
>Uses a “wizard” interface to make the introduction of aquarium, equipment, or supply easy.

Discover the best of your aquatic environments and start collecting and managing them with the 4D Aquarium app.
Let your fish live in 4 dimensions!
Choose from among a large range of aquariums (starter, aquarium, aquarium mini, keg, and others) thanks to their highly customizable visuals.
Manage your aquariums thanks to their real-time database and activity logs.
Share your passion for water with your friends thanks to the 4D Aquarium community.
Find your aquariums thanks to a map that highlights all the aquariums found in the vicinity.
You can also let your fish swim through a classical aquarium thanks to the app’s camera!
Whether you want to create a new aquarium, learn more about aquariums or manage your aquariums, the 4D Aquarium app offers the best experience available on smartphones and tablets!
This app requires the Facebook SDK.
Visit : www.4d-aquarium.com

This is a

Nyagua Crack + Full Version For Windows

There are quite a few ways to put fish into an aquarium, but not all are equally effective. It’s imperative to find a fish-friendly tank, which can contain various parameters, and that’s precisely where Nyagua can help you out. It’s a Java based desktop application which is completely compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows, OS X, and Linux.

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What’s New In Nyagua?

Nyagua, also known as AquaFish is a useful application, which allows you to create, modify, and edit aquarium related records. The interface is straightforward, and the selection of supported aquariums is what make it so user friendly. What’s more, you can keep a bunch of records, on the go, thanks to portability.
Supported Aquariums:
Nyagua supports all sorts of Aquariums, if you can think it, it’s compatible. It makes it easy to enter reading, maintenance, costing, distribution, diagnosis, therapy, and aquarium information, such as size, diagnostic, biology, environment, and more. You can also create the aquarium, write down fish names, and upload pictures of both fish and aquarium.
Nyagua has all the features you would expect, but the interface isn’t as overwhelming as you might think it is. All elements are laid out in a column on the left hand side of the screen, including tabs to choose if you want to view aquariums, fish, and equipment, as well as a table list to store data.
Nyagua has the typical functions to calculate information, such as fish weight, aquarium size, and more. It also works as a nutrient converter, which will let you estimate its life span and aquatic capacity. The developer also took advantage of Java, so you can create and run the application on the go.
Nyagua Screenshots:

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Nyagua Review & Rating

Nyagua – Best Aquarium Software

Nyagua is an aquarium application, developed by Nodaq. This Java-based aquarium application allows you to insert aquarium related data and maintain them with ease. You can easily add information to the database, select supported aquariums, and quickly view aquarium settings. The interface and usability of the application is quite user friendly and offers a simple format, which makes things easy to set up.

Nyagua support a wide range of aquariums. It allows you to insert aquarium related data such as reading, maintenance, costing, distribution

System Requirements For Nyagua:

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10
Processor: 1 GHz processor
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: Compatible Direct3D 11.0 device and supported display
Hard Drive: 15 GB available space
Network: Internet connection
Additional Notes: The application is optimized to run on lower system requirements, but there are a few things you should note if you try to run on the lower end. First, make sure that you have at least the DirectX11 framework


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