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Hulu for Pokki
– # Hulu for Pokki feature as Hulu.com
– # Stream your favorite Hulu TV shows directly from Pokki with Hulu for Pokki
– # Hulu for Pokki is the Hulu client for desktop computer.
– # Hulu for Pokki is the Hulu client for desktop computer.
– # The app can be used to watch Hulu TV shows and movies via PC.
– # An incredibly easy to use application, you don’t have to know anything about the Hulu service.
– # Hulu for Pokki supports most streaming media player software including VLC and 7-Zip.

Hulu for Pokki is the easiest way to enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies on your PC.
Hulu for Pokki brings Hulu service to your desktop with the ease of use of an application. Just install it and start watching TV shows and movies anytime and anywhere.
Whether you’re at your office, at home, or on a vacation, you can watch the best TV shows and movies on your computer. No matter where you are.
Hulu for Pokki brings the Hulu service to your desktop computer.

Here are a few of the great features offered by the application:
-# Hulu for Pokki is the client for Hulu.com, so you can instantly watch your favorite TV shows and movies
-# You can start watching movies or shows as soon as it becomes available
-# Discover new TV shows and movies just from the Hulu homepage
-# You can easily manage your account on Hulu for Pokki
-# Download the files to your computer or smartphone
-# Hulu for Pokki is the client for Hulu.com, so you can instantly watch your favorite TV shows and movies.
-# Hulu for Pokki is the client for Hulu.com, so you can instantly watch your favorite TV shows and movies.
-# Hulu for Pokki is the client for Hulu.com, so you can instantly watch your favorite TV shows and movies.
-# You can easily manage your account on Hulu for Pokki
-# Download the files to your computer or smartphone
-# Hulu for Pokki is the client for Hulu.com, so you can instantly watch your favorite TV shows and movies.
-# You can easily manage your account on Hulu for Pokki
-# Download the files to your computer or smartphone

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Hulu For Pokki

Stream over 10,000 full-length movies and TV shows online for FREE
Browse the web, listen to music, get real-time weather forecasts, check sports scores and more
Go where the Internet takes you!
Hulu has thousands of TV shows and movies to choose from, including the latest Hollywood blockbusters
This can be free of cost. If you enjoy the Hulu web service, you can also create an account.
*With this application you can access the full Hulu service.

Basic Usage
Install from Pokki and enable.

In the application it is possible to set the default search provider and bookmark/synchronize using the Add as Search Provider and Add as Bookmark/Synchronize button
Search and play movies.
Synchronize between Pokki and Hulu.

Version History



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What’s New In?

“Hulu for Pokki” is a simple application that brings the web-based video service Hulu to your desktop. Hulu is a streaming video service, which delivers media content and advertisements to computers or other devices.
Hulu combines the best of television and the Internet by connecting you to a personal channel that displays the most recent episodes from your favorite shows. Hulu also features live television programming, downloadable shows, and podcasts. Hulu is free to use and works with most Internet browsers, smartphones, and other devices.

Integration with Pokki
When integrated with Pokki, this application keeps Pokki in a minimized state and sends the opened link in its place. In this mode the application shows you the web page of the link you want to open.

– Pokki 0.7.2 or higher

Hulu for Pokki 0.8.1
Hulu for Pokki 0.8.1 is a bug-fix version of Hulu for Pokki. The latest version is available at the following link:
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