Free Download Total War: ROME II – Desert Kingdoms Culture Pack .exe =LINK=

Free Download Total War: ROME II – Desert Kingdoms Culture Pack .exe =LINK=

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Free Download Total War: ROME II – Desert Kingdoms Culture Pack .exe

I will sadly reveal my basic or rather Grand Strategy tastes:
1) Hearts of Iron, has changed how detailed it models the war part over the various iterations of the series from choosing the calibre of your gun in 1 to the very stripped back nature of 4, the most recent dlc adding trains and logistics looks pretty interesting actually.
2) Total War endless reinvents itself for an almost annual AAA series. Generally true to the spirit if not the detail of the period. Frequently beautiful. Loads of replayability.
3) Combat Mission (old) I was really proud of getting the first mail order from America after reading about it in PC Zone and showing it off about it to all the other nerds at school.
4) SM Gettysburg. Excellent game really deserves a remake. Is Grand Tactician the game I hope it is
5) Byzantine games.

Total War is an excellent series and I’m disappointed that the turn of the year has brought a delay between the last game and the new one. But I’m not worried because every entry is worth my time and money. Thank you to everyone who has supported the series.

Absolutely the best post-apocalyptic series ever. The WWIII massive strategy follows all the rules of a Total War game with its linear progression and more realistic tactical system, but an apocalyptic future makes it a strategic challenge. The action aspect is derived from the chaotic streets of the dystopian future, and it’s a beautiful blend of strategy and FPS with great tactical gameplay.

Prehistoric sounds have not just been replaced by future sounds. They have been replaced with post-apocalyptic, that makes Total War: ARMAIII a truly post-apocalyptic game. The flora itself is completely amazing! The creatures and animals don’t just appear in the screen. They come from the screen and they look truly realistic. Gorgeous!

you mentioned you’re only interested in greek and persian toons, which if true seems kinda strange! why? if its only about greek and persian, that is a lot of single-dude, single-molecule subculture writing on top of the highborn nac, and i’m sure you must have other interested cultures to consider – 1. it really, really bothers me that the greeks, alone among the martial cultures of antiquity, are considered representative of the peaceful and philosophical way of life in rome’s cultural/historical sphere (although the romans themselves are hardly pure war-mongers). the greeks didn’t conquer the world, they were smart and resourceful, they succeeded in an era that ultimately failed to protect them, but that doesn’t mean that the period wasn’t significant culturally and politically and that people like thucydides, plato, aristotle and diogenes weren’t aware of it and put it into literature, and that we shouldn’t try to understand it. we know that the greats of classical antiquity *were* war-mongers in many cases, just not on the scale of rome or the spartans, and the stoics were even worse.
the problem with enjoying the warlords of the west in the absence of persian culture is that we only get to see them through the eyes of the romans. and that’s not the perspective that we’re encouraged to take when we go to school, and i really like the whole historical perspective of this mod, and get to see the campaigns and the battles and the trade of the cultural spheres, and the way it all interconnects and changes over time. we can still get a sense of what the greeks and persians were like through the agency of our characters, sure, which is enjoyable, but i don’t know, i guess i’m just a bit miffed that the romans don’t really get their fair share of representation in this mod, and it feels like there’s a lot of mediating between their cultures and the cultures of west. seems unfair to me that the babylonians and egyptians can show up in their own mod and get to experience the cultures from their perspective, but our guys don’t. i don’t know. i guess it’s like complaining about the lack of original star wars novels when they use yoda to speak for the old republicans..

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