Complete Ielts Student Book Band 4-5 Cd Download Pdf __EXCLUSIVE__

Complete Ielts Student Book Band 4-5 Cd Download Pdf __EXCLUSIVE__

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Complete Ielts Student Book Band 4-5 Cd Download Pdf

Class Audio CDs
7 audio CDs of IELTS Speaking Practice
6 class audio CDs for practice
Recordings of the practice tasks
1 Class CD for listening activities
How to Use the CD:
A Class Code from the teacher is needed to access the online practices. Instructions for downloading the class code can be found within the Teachers Book or downloaded directly from http://support.cambridge.org/
8 online practice tests
1 General Training practice test
2 Academic practice tests
1 Academic test with additional tests to reinforce the skills
2 additional tests – listening and reading
Best Test for Academic Training: IELTS Academic Speaking
Best Test for Academic Training: IELTS Academic Reading
Best Test for Academic Training: IELTS Academic Writing
Best Test for General Training: IELTS Speaking
Best Test for General Training: IELTS Listening
Best Test for General Training: IELTS Reading
Best Test for General Training: IELTS Writing

Teachers Book
English and Spanish CDs
Full teacher notes
Complete set of answers to all exercises
IELTS Online practice tests
Class Codes from teachers for online tests
Grammar summary and tips for students
Teaching notes
Bonus information
IELTS guarantee and refund policy
Receive a full refund if your score is below the required band score
A money-back guarantee is not available

Complete IELTS 5-6.5 is the first book to take a pedagogic approach to IELTS teaching. Written by a professor and linguist, it will help you to develop greater understanding of the listening, reading, and writing components of the IELTS exam. It includes the latest IELTS questions and answers from the latest tests, and provides advice on how to revise and adjust your answers for the IELTS
StudyTests are powerful learning tools that can help you get higher scores on the IELTS. Students may participate in them after each of their Practical Writing lessons . These exercises come with their own content practice spelling , practice punctuation , practice listening and practice reading lessons.
There are actually five types of Reading sections in the IELTS test. Youll have to complete two of them if youre taking the Academic exam, and youll have to complete one Reading passage section in any combination of academic and general IELTS exams. If you arent sure which section youll be taking, that makes planning for the next steps even more important. To prepare for whichever Reading section youre working on right now, watch the language lessons below and study them carefully. Official IELTS Reading Guidelines is a great resource for students preparing for the general and academic Reading sections of the IELTS exam.
There are many different ways to prepare for the IELTS Reading section of the test. If youre studying for the Academic Reading Band 4 or the Academic Reading Band 5, youll notice some questions about information that is normally found in an academic or academic-style essay. The exam also contains a set of Reading questions that have many similarities with essay-type questions. Therefore, watching and listening to videos focusing on Academic essay style and preparing and answering essay-type questions in the IELTS Academic Writing lessons can be helpful. Online IELTS Reading Materials Breakdown Knowledge of vocabulary and grammar are important when reading a passage. You may receive materials that focus on each of these areas or materials that combine the two. By watching our Academic Writing lessons youll learn how to correctly answer questions that require vocabulary or grammar. You can also watch our Academic Writing Video Lessons to ensure you have the right vocabulary and grammar to tackle the Academic Reading section.


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