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Ma Hoon Na Full Movie 17

It is yet another fresh wave of TRP-based shows, and the recent one on Sansar, in which Shah Rukh and Kareena kick-started their on-screen chemistry in a revamped Love Aaj Kal is one such example. Even if some of the instances seem a tad mature, its undeniable that they have achieved what they were shooting for. Kareena has clearly given her best, especially, in the ‘naughty schoolgirl in a white bikini’ number, while Shah Rukh has simply done what he does best-performing a full-blown caricature with undiluted charisma. He’s the one that always gives a thumbs-up to Farah, btw.

Theres a plea for Shah Rukh to play the role of Shah Rukh Khan for the sake of the film, most especially for the first half which is a spoof of films like Buddha and Raja Hindustani, and when he does his magic, you can laugh at your heart out. And the rest of the cast too; theyve come out of their skins and are all in full support for their fellow performers. Amrita Rao has a few lines in her very first film, and in the bargain scores yet another lifetime achievement award. And that padhaai you are feeling? Its thankfully not in her diet!

So the characters and performances from Main Hoon Na more or less do what people expect them to: Mahek, Shashi, Kareena and Amrita, among others, do what they do but the plot, or its lack, comes between them and their potential impact. Main Hoon Na is as slick as a wicket, but it wont last long in that hot seat because from the trailer one expects too much from it!

While Abbas Tyrewala, for all his roles as the hero but mostly as the lead villain (Malviya’s diabolical plot to kidnap Mahek’s child is original), stays true to his past (he was the one who created Maqbool to be an action film), the very best element of the film, the sweetest element Main Hoon Na doesnt have is its entirely silly premise. It is as silly as it is too hyperbolic. But that has been the director and his screenwriter’s strength all along: in the reels Kinaamaazzaar (its the last five minutes of the film youve seen anyway), Namaste London and Rocket Singh.

may 20, 2004 kashmiri, 100 days in kashmir, a whole lot of action, a couple of surprises, a few families, a girl, a guy, a couple of cops, a big guy, a family friend, a kidnapped girl, an ex-coach, an ex-ranger, a lot of jawans and a lot of honesty. the word honesty is used very often in movies but in ma hoon na honesty means very much. a new film that could be termed as the last of the action movies. if the 2000 film lage raho munna bhai is a chai tea commercial, then ma hoon na is a long-delayed hero film. it is the story of an honest police officer and his efforts to get his kidnapped girlfriend back. to its credit, it manages to deliver an honest tear-jerker without crying for a single second.
earlier this year, amrita was a part of the sridevi-starrer english vinglish. in fact, the very first film she shot for was ma hoon na in 2004. though the film was a success, amrita was not ready to make a comeback. amrita also has done two more films in the last decade – a marathi project (carry on) and an assamese film (jhumki) – but she says she will not be doing any more films now.
talking about her debut film, she added, i had shot for it in 2004 but because it was a film that shah rukh khan was doing, there were certain compromises that had to be made. when the film was ready for release, shah rukh was shooting for another film. i was trying to make it look as much like main hoon na as possible. thats when i decided to make english vinglish.
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