Super Mario 64 Character Mods

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Super Mario 64 Character Mods

A fan-made mod for Super Mario 64 that allows up to 24 players to play online together. Check out . As you might have guessed, today’s article will focus on a modification to Super Mario 64, which allows players to play online with 24 players together. Yes, you heard it right, exactly 24 players! Unfortunately, not all users will be able to use this modification. We’ll have to accept the fact that this modification was mainly created for fans of Super Mario 64. The game now has the ability to create 4 servers where players can play together or four.


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Super Mario 64: Kirby Edition A Project from Purali Games. It is the first Full Character Hack ever done. The ROM is fully modded as well as the ROM and the game have been revived. The Hack was made by Kaze Emanuar, and it was an amazing job! and it is now up to date as well. Cheers!
“I want to highlight this mod once again. .
Emanuar is a master smasher who, aside from the company of .
“Quickly, mod has so many a new feature: two new characters, mods from other games, a new world: .

Play Super Mario 64 Online with your favourite Kirby characters. Found in a ROM hack of Super Mario 64, this mod enables you to play as Kirby in the classic platformer by adding a .
this mod allows you to play Mario as Kirby and vice versa. I’m having a problem with the controls as when you mash the buttons it doesn’t always do what you want it to do.

I have tried lots of different sm64 hacks over the years and i have to say that this is the best and most playable.
sm64 land is a romhack of super mario 64 and it makes all of the characters in the game playable as well as doublespeed mode with the thing on the four side.

I know a lot of people wont enjoy this one but i just needed to share my memories with this awesome mod.
download link below this description.
Kaze Emanuar is a master smasher who, aside from the company of Super Mario Bros, Fire Emblem, World of Goo, Dark Souls, among other, he has made several playsmash hacks.

The mod is now up to date. The gameplay has been revamped, the gameplay graphics have been improved, and most of all it’s a mod that is 100% working, even the gameplay movesets.
Modder: Kaze Emanuar. Released: 2016-05-07. Description: .
Super Mario 64 Online is a multiplayer romhack for the 3D platforming classic.. Move over Destiny 2, this mod turns Super Mario 64 into a .
This hack allows the player to play as Kirby throughout the whole game and from almost


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