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Roblox is a website that enables users to create their own games. The website consists of a platform which enables users to create games. Players can use the website to either play the games created by other players, or they can also create their own games by using a programming language called Lua. Users earn Robux, a currency that can be spent on in-game items, when they play other players’ games or by using the website to create their own games.

Roblox Games List

Roblox is a place where players can create a free game in minutes. The mobile version of Roblox lets players to build and play games on their mobile devices. With an amazing collection of in-game items, customization options and exciting gameplay, it’s a gaming experience like no other.

Yo-kai Watch is a video game developed and published by Nintendo. The game was released in 2014 for 3DS. It is the second game in the Yo-kai Watch series and the second game to be released in the Americas.

The game’s story is about a young boy named Jack who comes across a mysterious object. The object reveals that there are other Yo-kai living in the real world who have become weary of living peacefully in the Yo-kai World. Jack uses his Yo-kai Watch to communicate with these Yo-kai and restore the balance between the worlds.

On March 22, 2014, Nintendo announced that the game would be released exclusively for the 3DS on April 2, 2014. The game was only released in Japan for 3DS in that territory on May 3, 2014, and North America in November 2014, in Europe in December 2014, and in Australia in February 2015.
The game received favorable reviews from critics and commercial success. At the end of 2014, Yo-kai Watch was the best-selling game in Japan, and the top-selling game on the 3DS for 2015. The Nintendo 3DS game sold 3.18 million copies by September 2016.

The episode, directed by Shinichirō Watanabe, was released in Japan on March 10, 2013, with release in North America and Europe following on March 17, 2013. It was later canceled and rescheduled for October 5, 2013, but it was released in May 2014, the same month as its original release date. The episode focuses on the residents of Tokyo as they lead the lost children into the home on top of Mount Fuji.

Japanese website Jabapages


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Contrary to popular belief, only Killers cheat, well, just a lot of them (well-informed ) on Roblox. However, that doesn’t mean that other people can’t cheat as well. Today, you’re going to learn how to utilize the bugs of the game, to be able to create an account and buy things in your game account without even visiting the store. First, you will have to find a Bug and then test the cheats.

Everyone knows that Roblox is all about content (content is the new and hot word in 2018), but it’s also about gameplay. It can be difficult to master, but once you do, it’ll be way more fun. So today, you’re going to learn about the different skills and how to use them to get to great gameplay for free in Roblox.

Sorting Robux

Roblox is like Pokemon Go, except that you only need one character for it, and there are no eggs to hatch.

You can just buy robux as you have them or you can get robux in many different ways including:

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You can use the search tool in the shop but if you’re just starting, you may want to wait until you learn how to sort, and when sorting robux, you can sort by activity, price, owner, completion, title, kind and whatever else you’d like.


All of us have had experiences with this when we were kids. The farm game with the wheat, or those googly eyes that you’re supposed to be able to get whenever you hit an object without looking. Think of Roblox as that except with tennis balls and other items.

Here are some of the more common ones:

Vehicle Tacking

To do this, you just need to be able to see the end of the vehicle when you look towards the side. Most players should be able to do this, but if you happen to be the only one who doesn’t, you can continue


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