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Equipped with the right applications, a computer can be of great help in virtually any domain of activity. When it comes to designing and precision, no other tool is as accurate as a computer. Moreover, specialized applications such as AutoCAD give you the possibility to design nearly anything ranging from art, to complex mechanical parts or even buildings.
Suitable for business environments and experienced users
After a decent amount of time spent installing the application on your system, you are ready to fire it up. Thanks to the office suite like interface, all of its features are cleverly organized in categories. At a first look, it looks easy enough to use, but the abundance of features it comes equipped with leaves room for second thoughts.
Create 2D and 3D objects
You can make use of basic geometrical shapes to define your objects, as well as draw custom ones. Needless to say that you can take advantage of a multitude of tools that aim to enhance precision. A grid can be enabled so that you can easily snap elements, as well as adding anchor points to fully customize shapes.
With a little imagination and patience on your behalf, nearly anything can be achieved. Available tools allow you to create 3D objects from scratch and have them fully enhanced with high-quality textures. A powerful navigation pane is put at your disposal so that you can carefully position the camera to get a clearer view of the area of interest.
Various export possibilities
Similar to a modern web browser, each project is displayed in its own tab. This comes in handy, especially for comparison views. Moreover, layouts and layers also play important roles, as it makes objects handling a little easier.
Sine the application is not the easiest to carry around, requiring a slightly sophisticated machine to properly run, there are several export options put at your disposal so that the projects itself can be moved around.
Aside from the application specific format, you can save as an image file of multiple types, PDF, FBX and a few more. Additionally, it can be sent via email, directly printed out on a sheet of paper, or even sent to a 3D printing service, if available.
To end with
All in all, AutoCAD remains one of the top applications used by professionals to achieve great precision with projects of nearly any type. It encourages usage with incredible offers for student licenses so you get acquainted with its abundance of features early on. A lot can be said about what it can and can't do, but the true surprise lies in discovering it step-by-step.







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AutoCAD is used by architects, mechanical, electrical and civil engineers, architects, and many others. It is currently marketed to people who design, produce, and sell things (e.g., equipment, vehicles, homes, buildings, manufacturing facilities, bridges, etc.) for the purpose of increasing design efficiency and saving time.

One of the challenges faced by software users is to make sense of all the information available in AutoCAD, including perhaps multiple workspaces. It is important to understand the relationship between drawings, sometimes called objects, in order to visualize the drawing hierarchy and to navigate it effectively.

This article will introduce you to the concept of the drawing hierarchy. We will show you how to manage drawings, structures, instances, and layers, and how to apply various annotations and properties to them.

Navigating AutoCAD: The Drawing Hierarchy

You can navigate through the drawing hierarchy by selecting the objects that you want to view or interact with, or by navigating to the desired layer. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts and options menu, or you can create custom shortcuts.

As an example, let us create a drawing and make it a layer.

Navigate to the New Drawing workspace and create a drawing named My Drawing:

Once the drawing is created, you should see something like this:

We will refer to the names of layers as the tab names, and their contents as content.

You can click on the tab names to display the contents. When the layer is open, the drawing is in edit mode, and you can edit it. You can drag objects from the drawing to another. Once you move an object to the desired layer, the object will be displayed on that layer. You can also select multiple objects and drag them to another layer.

Let us choose a structure that is part of the drawn, My Drawing.

Selecting the structure will display all the parts of the structure:

As you can see, there are many parts in the structure, and you can select individual parts and drag them to another layer:

Let us choose a part, and drag it to the ‘Structure’ layer. When we do that, we will see the part on the structure:

You can drag and drop objects from one layer to another, and you can drag multiple objects to one layer.

As a final note, there is a shortcut for moving to the next drawing in the hierarchy:

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These are used by their respective programs:
AutoLISP and AutoCAD R14 for DWG/DXF support
Visual LISP and AutoCAD 2013 for LISP and JavaScript support
VBA and AutoCAD 2007 or later for AutoCAD 2000 (VBA), AutoCAD 2005, AutoCAD 2010, AutoCAD 2013 and Autocad LT 2000. Microsoft Excel and Visio are also supported via Microsoft Interop.
.NET and AutoCAD 2004 or later for AutoCAD LT 2002 (using.NET technology)

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How to make sure all public method names are unique in a class?

I am working on an application where all the public methods of a class should be unique. If someone add a new method with the same name, then that should throw an exception. I am wondering if this is even possible?


No, this is not possible. One class will always be able to have a method with the same name as the public interface of another class. What you can do, though, is ensure that your class’s public interface is consistent, using a naming scheme that you’re happy with.
In.NET, this will be done automatically in C# using the [Obsolete] attribute. All methods that you mark with this attribute will have their name changed to an uppercase-only version and “Obsolete” will be added to the comment so the developer using this method will be aware of the impending obsolescence.
[Obsolete(“Method name is too long. Consider shortening the name or changing it to use camel casing.”)] public void MyLongMethod() {… }

If you’re using C++, you can do this with overloads:
class myclass {
void foo() {}
void foo() const {}

If you want to make sure only certain methods get renamed, you can specify which methods in the [Obsolete] tag using a regex.
[Obsolete(“^Method name is too long. Consider shortening the name or changing it to use camel casing.”)] ca3bfb1094

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How to ensure a column value is always greater than or equal to another?

I need to write a PostgreSQL SQL script that ensures that a table has a column value always greater than or equal to the row’s ID value.
I need this because a row needs to be marked as “confirmed” if the current row’s ID is greater than the previous row’s ID.
The thing is, the previous row’s ID value is an integer, so I can’t simply add the previous row’s ID value to my row’s ID value and check if it’s greater than the new ID value.
Is there a way to write a query that ensures a column is greater than or equal to another column?
SELECT * FROM mytable;

id | fname | lname | confirmed
123 | Foo | Bar | 0
234 | Boo | Boo | 0
345 | Foo | Boo | 0

I need to update the third row to be confirmed, because its ID is greater than the previous row’s ID (234 > 123)


In addition to using lag() as has already been suggested, I would also suggest using a Window Function to do this

What’s New in the?

Use the Markup Assistant to learn and create annotations quickly and easily. For example, the Markup Assistant allows you to draw a rectangle around a coordinate system, and when you are done you can immediately see the coordinate system name change and fill the rectangle with the proper color to indicate what the coordinate system is. (video: 1:28 min.)

Visibility Link:

Set a drawing to be visible to other drawings. When you set a drawing to be visible to other drawings, you can see the source drawings. With a drawing that is visible to other drawings, you can: select and copy objects, rotate, move, scale and apply design constraints; and edit components. Visibility linking also enables you to open the source drawing. (video: 1:47 min.)

Part Markup:

Insert a part from another file without using the Import command. Drag-and-drop a file from your file management program into AutoCAD. You can add your own part name, number and description, as well as create components and annotation. (video: 1:20 min.)

Interactive Drawing Annotations:

Draw an annotation in your drawing and then specify whether you want to activate it. You can now activate the annotation just by pressing Enter to toggle between the current mode and the editing mode. (video: 1:50 min.)

What’s new in AutoCAD 21xx

Accessing Version and Config Files:

Now you can import and export to various versions of AutoCAD. When you create a drawing, you can now use one or more of the following methods to access the information in AutoCAD: •Use the Access version command. •Use the Config version command. •Use the Manage Versions command in the Appearances menu. •Use the Manage Versions dialog box. •Use the Script task (dialog box). •Use the Versioning and Config Variables dialog box.

Undo and Redo:

Undo and redo the last action performed in the drawing. Undo and redo enables you to change your drawing without permanently losing your work. (video: 3:05 min.)

Dynamically display text in a drawing. AutoCAD can display text in your drawing at any size and on any angle. If the text is static, you can apply custom fonts, sizes and colors. If the text is dynamic, you can make changes to the text, such as adding


System Requirements:

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(2) Follow the on-screen installation instructions.
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