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Training Grounds is a shooting game where you need to clear the course as fast as possible while shooting only red targets and avoiding green ones. While you might like the idea of clearing your course as fast as possible, many of us also are not crazy about being shot, or throwing around green obstacles, so Training Grounds needs to be a much more enjoyable experience than “Oh my god, why did I shoot that guy!” At the end of the course there will be a speedrun leaderboard that can be updated over time with your progress, allowing you to set a target to beat. It will also be easy to see how you compare to your friends and how fast they are shooting.In the beginning, the only thing you will have to clear are the basic red targets, but as you play more courses, more obstacles, and more enemies will enter the play area. When you clear the field of all red targets, you will unlock the blue target that shows the score difference between green and red targets. In the future, we will be adding more obstacles to the courses, and you will be able to collect rings that will give you points at the end of the level. And of course, you will be able to unlock new classes to experiment with and discover new tactics.About TACTICS
Tactics is a set of game theory-inspired game concepts used to design and implement game mechanics. We use a technique called Tactical Analysis to balance and optimize game fun and performance. For more information about TACTICS, please visitTactics.net About Game Development Team
Game Dev Team is a small development team that focuses on developing games with great performance, balanced gameplay, and high-quality graphics. We are located in Bay Area, California, near San Francisco.Our Team
Jolt Game Studios – Team lead – Game Designer / Art Director
Eduardo Madrazo – Software Developer / 3D Artist
Mattie Sørensen – Game Designer / UI Artist
Kory Jagger – Software Developer / 3D Artist
Andrew Rohannon – Game Designer / AI Programmer
Tianliang Liu – Game Designer / UI Artist
We’d like to thank all of you who played and supported Training Grounds so far, and we can’t wait to get your feedback as we continue work on creating even more courses!Q:

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Dragonpath Features Key:

  • casual to hardcore gameplay experience
  • tactical RPG battle system.
  • Customer Service system
  • 100+ individual units to command
  • 150+ individual units to recruit
  • 50+ individual units to research
  • 100+ custom items to use in battle
  • balanced_formations
  • real-time turn-based command…
  • My guess is that the background PNG file is being loaded, and the game is not.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


    Hi I re-typed the HTML for the background again, and when I loaded the page again, the background image started working. It still doesn’t work in it’s original form. :/


    Beenooquay (Inuktitut: ) is a village in the Northwest Territories, Canada. Beenooquay is located north-northeast of Nuvuk. Within the village is an abandoned outpost known as its own hamlet of Nuvuk. The village had a population of 19 during the 2016 North American Census.

    Beenooquay is considered to be the last site in Canada to have had a seal-hunting economy. It is also believed that the people originally settled in the area around the year 1200 AD after migrating from nearby Igloolik Island and Baffin Island. They moved away to other villages


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    Ambitious doctors want the very best care for the sickest patients. They want to be fast, accurate, and compassionate. And they want to be the best.
    Vital Signs: Emergency Department puts the focus on you — the Doctor — where it belongs. You are now responsible for not only your patients’ lives, but your own success.
    Meet the nine doctors of the Emergency Department:
    •Start your career as a resident and become one of the best doctors in the game!
    Visit us on the web at:

    Like us on Facebook at:

    Follow us on Twitter at:

    Official website:

    What’s up, family!
    It’s been awhile since we last saw you, but we have some good news for you! With the return of the free update, we have been able to balance the difficulty level on our “Crusty” difficulty.
    – Time 2 practice 2 rounds after each 10 rounds play a game
    – More Rewards
    – Added more infirmary
    – More doctors available
    All this was included in the update, but we had to cut one round off of it. Oops.
    So what do you think about the new changes? How does the difficulty level fit the game? Let us know.

    REPORT &
    Solve the cases using the Emergency Surgery scenario in your gameplay and have your
    share the whole experience with your friends and family.
    First 1,000 users who share the app’s web link for this scenario will get a Google
    Pardon and a gift.
    Thank you for playing our games!

    This scenario is still in the lab, however you are going to see it shortly.
    One of the


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    Team editor for an indie developer with sound engine that aims to become a customizable audio game engine.

    Audio Mesh:

    A 3D audio game engine that aims to become a customizable audio game engine with audio mesh network for multiple localizations, multiple sound engines and multiple plugins.

    Player Piano:

    Player Piano is a piano emulator for multiple platforms. I am using it for making the Russian vocal sample packs for games like The Whispered World and The Maze (2013).It’s distributed under the MIT license.


    It’s a 2D physics based puzzle game for Android devices. It is a free game with ads but the source code is available for free.

    Physics based indie game mechanics such as gravity and air pressure. Physics engine based on Box2D.

    2D physics based puzzle game. Game is controlled by physical keyboard or mouse.

    Shadow of White:

    Shadow of White is a free browser game with music based on action adventure game. It’s a 2D physics based puzzle game with a stealth component. It’s free to play but you should buy the soundtrack for $5.

    Deluxe game mechanics: magic system, cheap guns, high temperature, high pressure, high speed, small target, unbreakable walls, time limit, and tricky puzzles.


    Morphine is an open source 2D survival game based on a roguelike mechanic. It’s simple and addictive. The source code is available for free.

    Alien Architect is a 3D game that shows on PC, Android and Facebook. You play as an astronaut and you are building a spaceship. There is also 3D sandbox mode.Download the game here

    Knights of Solaris is a physics based action game inspired by Solaris games. The source code is available for free.

    New generation puzzle platformer. You should buy the soundtrack to fund me.

    Puzzle platformer where you play a scientist in your lab. You have to find the door so that you can escape from the lab.

    Platform game where you control a starship and explore different planets.

    A prototype of an adventure game where you play as a web browser. You control the camera with the keyboard and navigate the game with mouse.

    3D action game. It’s not very finished, but it’s also not very hard.

    3D platformer. You control the camera and jump over the obstacles.


    What’s new: