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Even though you cannot run a Linux or MacOS application on a Windows system, there are several tools out there that allow you to do so. Such programs are typically designed as a particular environment and dedicated software and can overcome inherent incompatibilities.
Xmanager is one of the tools designed to bridge the gap between Windows and Linux or Unix. The program is essentially a server environment where you can install and run programs that are specific to any of the aforementioned operating systems.
Comes with extensive RDP support and session management
The app comes with a user-friendly interface and to get started you need to create a server profile first. Not to worry, as the operation is guided by a wizard where you are asked to specify all details to make the server functional.
Remote connectivity is one of the paramount features that recommends Xmanager and it also packs loads of other goodies under its hood. For Linux, the app automatically lets you check out the available hosts that you can connect to with a simple click. In addition, the app supports Windows RDP, so you can easily connect to other work machines.
A noteworthy feature of the tool is the possibility to perform cut and paste operations between running programs belonging to either of the concurrent environments. In fact, session management is a straightforward process that implies a method of structuring sessions in folders, for easier retrieval.
Comes with strong security features to protect your data
Since it supports RDP, one of the valid concerns you may have is security. You will be happy to learn that the tool relies on the Secure XDMCP protocol when it comes to establishing protected connections to access remote hosts.
Moreover, accessing remote hosts can be done even if the computer is behind a gateway or a firewall, since the method is inspired by SSH tunneling. Lastly, it is worth mentioning that Xmanager allows you to configure the SSH protocol in detail so you can be sure that the data exchange between hosts is strongly encrypted.







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Xmanager is a program designed with the intent to bridge the gap between Windows and Linux or Unix. The program, in addition to being a remote access server, supports remote execution of certain functions.
Xmanager is pre-installed with RDP support. The software automatically redirects RDP connections, saving you the trouble of having to configure your computer to allow remote connections. In addition to Linux, Xmanager supports Windows RDP, allowing you to easily connect to other work machines.
Xmanager is also a tool that lets you perform cut and paste operations between running Linux and Windows applications. Session management is a straightforward process that involves organizing files in folders.
Xmanager runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and above.

Xmanager Setup

Xmanager has a very user-friendly GUI that will guide you through the set-up process very quickly. The process is very easy to follow, but for some reasons you can understand, it will always ask you to create a server profile before launching the app.
The app comes with a set of pre-configured options that will enable you to remotely connect to Linux, Windows, Unix or BSD based hosts. For Linux and Windows based operating systems, Xmanager is designed to automatically resolve the current host name, allowing you to establish a secure connection to the remote machine.
Setting up sessions is a very simple process that will prompt you to navigate through your existing folders. Once you hit that ‘Next’ button, a wizard will open and present you with an information box. The box contains all the information regarding the remote session, like IP address, host name, protocol, port, authentication method and more.
If you connect to a Windows-based computer, a redirection will be made if your current Windows computer is behind a proxy or firewall.
Additional Features
As we already mentioned before, one of the key features that stand out from the otherwise simple GUI is the ability to quickly establish secure connections to remote hosts via SSH tunneling. In addition, the app is also capable of remote execution by enabling several Linux commands, including cut and paste operations.

Tutorial: How to Install (and Remove) Xmanager on Ubuntu 16.04

This tutorial teaches you to set up Xmanager, a free program that opens a window between a Windows and Linux computer, enabling you to remotely run Linux applications on your Windows computer, and Windows applications on your Linux computer.
The program essentially functions as a server, letting you launch

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Being a Windows-based product, Xmanager Cracked Version is an excellent choice for daily activities. Its remote X-session server is compatible with X, RDP, and Citrix and you get a power-packed app at an amazing price.
Compared to other tools, Xmanager is a much stronger contender as it is a potent toolkit. An expert will appreciate its features, but the lower price makes the app an ideal pick for entry-level users.
Key Features:
Supports all the popular remote desktop connection protocols including RDP, X, and Citrix
Outstanding GUI allows to specify settings like source host, destination host, and ports
Remote access is supported by Secure XDMCP, which offers the same level of security as Secure Shell.
Supports SSH connection for remote access.
Built-in session management lets you organize your sessions in folders.
Xmanager Supported Operating Systems
Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008
Windows XP and Windows Server 2003
Ubuntu 8.04, 8.10, and 9.04
Click here to download Xmanager for Windows
Xmanager for Mac OS X
Xmanager for Mac OS X provides all the features of Xmanager for Windows. The program lets you easily access a remote host that is running on Linux, Unix, or Mac OS X.
Download Xmanager for Mac OS X
Check out the app on
Xmanager works in Windows XP and Windows 7. The company doesn’t have any intention to support Vista.
Xmanager for Mac OS X is compatible with:

Windows XP and Windows Server 2003

Ubuntu 8.04, 8.10, and 9.04

Download Xmanager for Mac
Go to and you will see the download button.

This software is very useful to emulate a remote desktop session in your linux server.
How to Use XManager?
Installing Xmanager on your CentOS Server:
There are two steps to install Xmanager in a Linux server.
Step 1: Download XManager:
You can download this software from the following location from The download button has been placed below.
You can also go to the official website which has pre-configured Xmanager for CentOS server.
Step 2: Install the XManager package using Y

Xmanager Crack Activation Code

Xmanager, an RDP-compatible and SSH-based protocol client, aims to offer Windows users a simple and intuitive way to connect with UNIX/LINUX-based systems.
Xmanager is a client application with which you can access remote machines from your Windows-based PC. You can create virtual networks and connect to remote machines hosted on any machine that is running either a Linux OS or a Unix.
In addition to that, Xmanager allows you to connect using the Secure XDMCP protocol that will be activated only if the computer is secured using the SSH protocol, thus guaranteeing your data are all encrypted.
Xmanager is a small and convenient application that stores remote Windows servers for your convenience.

Xmanager Review:
Is Xmanager a Must Have?
Xmanager allows you to access remote systems and provides additional features that are perfect for UNIX users. In addition, this tool allows you to configure detailed policies and settings for improved usability.
Available for Linux, Linux and Windows users
Xmanager is available for Linux, Linux and Windows users.
Comes with RDP, Windows RDP and SSH tunneling protocol support
Supports multiple platforms
Offers an extensive set of features
Various color palettes and fonts to choose from
The program is free
Restrictions to a certain use
There is no download button
Doesn’t add missing features

Xmanager is a fast, reliable, secure and powerful solution that will make you access remote Linux hosts with the Windows operating system without any difficulties.
Xmanager Review:
Is Xmanager a Must Have?
Xmanager allows you to access remote servers with Windows without the need of using Remote Desktop Connection. It has a clean and intuitive interface where you can easily customize the look of the application for better usability.
What Features are Available?
The Xmanager client allows you to save and load servers over a network and use them to access remote systems. With this application, you can set a shortcut on your Windows desktop to launch other machines that you would like to access.
You can also use it with Windows Terminal Services on a Windows workstation.
There are several ways to configure the system so you can fully customize it to your liking. Firstly, there is a welcome screen that shows the available servers to connect to. Besides, you can also define different categories of servers.
Xmanager does not only function as a remote application but also provides additional features that come in handy for those

What’s New In Xmanager?

Xmanager is a remote desktop software designed to help you access multiple remote Linux/Unix hosts from a Windows computer.
The app comes with a desktop environment to browse and run various programs, even some of the most commonly used ones. That way, you can get going with your tasks and, simultaneously, enjoy its minimalistic interface.
Xmanager interface offers two levels of storage for your sessions: the local and the remote ones. The latter saves the connection settings and your selected desktop as you work. This way, you can customize session folders and reuse them when necessary.
The app supports RDP connections (3.0 and higher) and it also packs SSH tunneling function, so that you can easily access remote machines even if you are behind a proxy or a firewall.
Virtual Applications:
By now, you should be familiar with the concept of virtual applications and the importance of such software. Xmanager offers this functional to help you get in tune with your Windows desktop.
Within the app, you can easily launch various Linux/Unix programs from the panel and then work with them without being forced to shut down the app. You can also transfer data and files between programs, an invaluable feature for when you are working with data formats and formats that are not common to Windows.
System requirements:
The functionality of Xmanager relies on the features of Windows server. However, you should have at least 5.5GB of available disk space available to continue operating the app. The server environment should be at least Windows Server 2003, i.e., a 32-bit version.
How to use Xmanager:
Step 1: To get started, you need to download and install Xmanager on your Windows computer. After the installation, you can open the app by accessing its icon from the taskbar or by simply typing Xmanager in the Windows search bar.
Step 2: On the program’s main page, select the server profile that you want to open. You are then asked to fill in all parameters that are relevant to the actual operation of the app.
Step 3: Create your first session to the remote computer and use the same credentials you use to access the machine.
Step 4: Choose the remote folder that you want to store your sessions on. Alternatively, you can start Xmanager in a new profile in order to duplicate an existing one.
Step 5: Connect to the remote computer from your Windows machine, as many times as necessary.
Xmanager Pricing:
Xmanager is free for personal

System Requirements:

Windows 10
iPad – tablet or iPhone – mobile
8GB of space
iOS 11 or later
iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus or later, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro 9.7” or later, iPad Pro 10.5” or later
iPad Pro 12.9” or later
iPhone 7 or later, iPad Pro 12.9” or later
Mac OS X 10.12 or later
iPad mini 4 or later, iPad mini 5 or later, iPad Air 2 or


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