Desktop Clock Plus-7 1.11 (2022)

Desktop Clock Plus-7 is a simple to use application that displays an analogue clock on your desktop, so you may easily check the time. The tool can easily be resized and relocated, in order to make it more convenient for you to view the exact time. Moreover, it can stay on top of other windows or hide.
Simple time measuring application
Desktop Clock Plus-7 displays a simple, yet stylish clock on your desktop so you may easily view the exact time, whenever you need to. The clock can be resized, to fit your requirements: for instance, you can enlarge it and have it hide under other windows or keep it to a small size and always on top.
Its interface is simplistic, visually appealing and does not contain flashy colors, so it does not distract you while you are working. Moreover, the tool is useful for those users who sit further away from the monitor or who cannot view the time in the system tray.
Customizable clock tool
Right-click on the surface of the clock prompts the context menu with all the settings. You may increase the widget’s size, little by little or set it to maximum with only one click. Similarly, you may reduce it or select the minimum option.
Moreover, you can choose to enable/disable the third clock hand, which indicates the seconds, from the Options window. The other settings include set the clock to stay always on top or automatically start, with Windows. You may return to the initial settings by clicking Set to default button.
Keyboard shortcuts
Desktop Clock Plus-7 features two keyboard shortcuts, for quick clock customization. You may use the specified key combinations in order to increase or decrease the size of the clock, without accessing the context menu. This simple, yet stylish clock can be a convenient tool for any end-user.
NOTE: For additional features, you can update to the PRO version.







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2The Clock is a high quality background clock that displays a standard analog clock in the desktop area on Windows. It supports user-defined skins that can be placed either in a position of your liking or on top of other applications.

3Desktop Clock Plus-7 Crack features a wide variety of skins that you can mix and match. It supports skins for 3D clock faces from 3DLabs. You can also create your own skins by choosing from one of the provided skins, mixing images from the included files and adding a clock-face of your liking. The skins can be saved to your desktop or you can access them via its context menu.

5Desktop Clock Plus-7 features quick launch buttons that you can configure in the options window. The buttons allow you to simply launch the application and select a desired setting without having to go through the context menu or simply press the buttons. The application also includes a popup menu of available buttons.

7The Clock is a clock tool that displays a standard analog clock in the desktop area on Windows. It supports user-defined skins that can be placed either in a position of your liking or on top of other applications.

8It features a splash screen, with optional customizable default sounds.

9Desktop Clock Plus-7 allows you to set an optional splash screen for the clock. You may choose a default splash screen, from one of the included images or you can easily create your own.

11Desktop Clock Plus-7 includes a variety of skins, for your convenience. You can mix them in any combination and save them to your desktop.

12Desktop Clock Plus-7 provides support for customizing the clock-face as well as its style. You can select between a clock face with or without hands, customize the clock-face and size, and set a background image of your liking.

13You can even use an image for your clock-face and apply it using a simple resizing tool.

14The Clock is also highly customizable. You may configure time parameters and change the clock’s setting to the one that suits you.

15The Clock offers a variety of features, to ensure a comfortable usage.

16The Clock can be updated and updated to the latest version automatically.

18It provides a simple interface that is visually appealing and not distracting.

19The Clock is available in 3 languages.

21The Clock can be set to stay always on top, or hide automatically when you

Desktop Clock Plus-7 Crack + [Latest-2022]

Simple to use time display tool that displays a simple clock on your desktop. Its interface is simplistic, visually appealing and does not contain flashy colors, so it does not distract you while you are working.
Position, resizing, hiding the clock on your desktop can be easily set from the application. Its interfaces is customizable: you may change its size to any available size with only one click.

* Keyboard shortcut for increasing the size of clock with only one click. * Keyboard shortcut for decreasing the size of the clock with only one click. * Keyboard shortcut for hiding clock from desktop with only one click. * Clock may stay always on top or started automaticlly with Windows. * Clock may be resized little by little or it can be set to maximum size with one click.

Desktop Clock Plus-7 Download With Full Crack Key Features: * Two Mouse Touch Keyboard shortcuts for customizable Clock tool. * Clock may hide automatically or always on top with Windows. * Clock can be set to minimum size or maximum size with one click. * Clock can be resized little by little or it can be set to maximum size with one click. * Clock may stay always on top or started automaticlly with Windows.

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My review of Desktop Clock Plus-7

I was looking for a simple clock widget, like the one in Windows, that I use on my laptop to see the time, but also to have it on the desktop. This is it! I like it very much, it is not flashy at all, but still I like that. It can be moved around, I think it is the best one out there, although it is not the most powerful, but I still rate it very well.

Umm… Well, it’s not really a clock but a time indicator. I use a stand-alone Clock 2000, which is a great piece of software. But anyway, this one has the clock on the desktop, so it is more like the other Windows’ clock.

I didn’t test the timekeeping features, but it looks like a very simple clock, which has an interface that isn’t easy to work with, especially if you are not very good with computers. I’ll definitely test the timekeeping features, though.

I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now, and I’ve become used to it. The clock itself isn’t really that impressive, but the other features make this a very

Desktop Clock Plus-7 Crack + Free [Mac/Win]

Analogue clock displays time on your desktop. Changes the clock position on the screen. Different clock types, sizes and positions. You can set a timed message that will be displayed with the time when the current time is reached. You can have two layouts, and the clock settings are synchronized with Windows. With the Help feature, you can easily change the clock settings or even delete the clock.
Wizard-style setup:
The clock is set at the default position in the settings window, and the program is configured according to your settings. You may use the Settings menu or right-click on the clock and select Set to default. The clock settings will be set to their default values, and you may use the Settings window to change clock settings.
Close automatically or if the mouse is inactive:
The clock will auto-close, when the mouse is inactive for three minutes or when you have the clock set to notify you when the time is reached.
Show the clock in the system tray:
Hide the clock on the desktop, so you can see it in the system tray.
Display the day, month and year:
Display the current date and time, such as the date, day and time.
Reverse the clock:
Display the current time on the left, instead of the right.
Display the time in 12-hour mode:
The clock will display the time in twelve-hour format.
Display the time in 24-hour format:
The clock will display the time in 24-hour format.
Show the seconds:
The last clock hand will show the seconds.
Display the date and time:
Display the current date and time as well as the time and date.
Show the date and time in 24-hour format:
Display the date and time in 24-hour format.
Display the date and time in 12-hour format:
Display the date and time in 12-hour format.
Clock size:
Reduce the clock size or increase it.
Minimize the clock:
If the clock is minimized, and you want to restore it, you can right-click on it and select the Maximize option.
Find the clock:
Find the clock on the desktop, by right-clicking on it and selecting the Find option.
Show the clock in a specific folder:
Hide the clock on the desktop, and the clock will automatically appear in a specific folder.
Automatically start the clock when Windows starts:

What’s New In Desktop Clock Plus-7?

The ideal clock to stay on top of your desktop.

You have the power to customize this little clock to your liking.

Will look good on your desktop.

Display 24 or 12 hours.

Removable tray icon.

Auto hide.


A few additional features include:


Color styles

Adjustable Font

Font Size & Width

Sizes you set may be restored to default settings.


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RAM: 52.94 Bytes 1.83 MBytes

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Please Note:

Commercial use is strictly prohibited

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System Requirements For Desktop Clock Plus-7:

Supported OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP
Graphics card: DirectX 11, OpenGL 4.1 compatible, Intel HD Graphics, AMD HD Graphics, or NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 (Optimus-free)
CPU: 2.6 GHz
DirectX: Version 11
HDD: 50 GB
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