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“In order to better represent the technicality and precision of the real-life sport, we have been working on making more football-specific innovations,” said Raphael Reiff, Director of Product Innovation at EA Sports. “We added a lot of new gameplay mechanics and tuned existing mechanics to make them feel more true to the game’s core. We believe the results speak for themselves.”

“We have been working very hard on improving the physics simulation of the players,” said Aleksander Jani, Senior Producer at EA Sports. “The ball now feels more rigid and more balanced in the air. This allows us to get closer to the reality of sport and create more satisfying, accurate and playable game-play.”

FIFA Soccer continues to evolve its game-play through the progression of technology, and, this year, we have kept our technological focus on getting the ball to more accurately reflect the size and weight of the ball in the air. This includes the addition of more accurate and enhanced wind-tunnel simulation for the default game pitch. The pitch is now made of more accurate turf with real grass blades, instead of replicating grass with fur and synthetic fibers. This year, however, we’re also expanding the visual direction we’ve been taking with FIFA Soccer.

Watch players’ feet come off the ground, as if they were actually playing the ball. Visual effects, like smoke, now better reflect the player’s real-world movement. Players emit an oil slick on the pitch now, making it look more similar to the real world. And you’ll also see more realistic goalkeepers as they keep their feet and slide to successfully stop a shot, instead of spinning around in a circle.

Teamwork and puck control, previously missing in FIFA 22, has been introduced. Through Dribbling, you can now deliver the perfect pass by sliding the ball with the foot. Or you can throw the ball to teammates, and they can build your pass with the kicking version of Dribbling.

Now, you have the ability to improve the skills of the best playmakers by choosing one of two passing systems. Teams can choose to have pass accuracy or passing vision, allowing them to decide which style best suits them.

We’ve improved Attacking & Defensive Control, by creating the closest touch controls


Fifa 22 Features Key:


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Team up with your friends in FIFA Ultimate Team™ mode. Battle online to show off your skills against opponents all over the world. Compete with your friends in weekly game modes, stay connected with your favorite clubs, and delve deeper into the sport with new features. All brought to life with beautiful, intelligent animation.

Developed by the EA SPORTS™ FIFA development team, FIFA lets players enjoy a deeper, more engaging experience like never before. Top players and coaches form the backbone of the game, and more than 100 real-world leagues and competitions make it more authentic than ever.

Anyone can play, whether you’re an expert player or simply enjoy interacting with friends and getting immersed in the world of football. There are over 400 officially licensed players, with more than 1,000 official team crests.

Key Features

Powered by Football:

• Everything is powered by football. FIFA features new features for a new generation of football, including defensive and physiological attributes, goal celebrations, increased player intelligence, new AI behavior, contextual intelligence and strategic options for coaches. All these features converge to bring every element of football to life on the pitch.

• New Look, New Feel:

• Bringing every second of the game to life is about more than just gameplay innovations. With over 100 new animations, expansive new lighting and VIS shader effects, a fresh user interface, dynamic camera angles and a vibrant match atmosphere, FIFA 22 delivers an unmatched visual experience.

• The World is Your Stage:

• The story of every game is unique, providing players with new paths to explore and emotions to feel. Increase your career progression by playing matches online and earn rewards.

• Clubs That Care:

• Real club teams react according to who you play and how you play. Compete for club supremacy by performing actions on the pitch.

• The Ultimate Team:

• FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) builds on the foundation of the existing Ultimate Team mode with new micro-transactions, a streamlined matchmaking system, more formats and improved tools for teammates. Now, with the added and contextual intelligence of FIFA 22, players can bring their teams to new heights.

New gameplay innovations – the foundations of FIFA:

Matches Now Look More Real, Feel More Intimate, and Include more Possibilities:

• Tactical Azimuth:

• Create a new reality of football on the pitch with a player’s tactical


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With enhanced progression and customization, EA SPORTS FIFA 18 Ultimate Team will provide the most authentic and dynamic way to experience the beautiful game and win the title as manager of the most prestigious European teams.

League Play – Dominate the league in franchise mode or live through the seasons as a real-world player.

Live Events – Get into the action in Challenge Mode, where you can join a league, play for one of the real-world teams, or even play live with friends in one of the most authentic and engaging online play experiences in sports gaming.

Online – The EA SPORTS FIFA franchise is only as good as the people who play it. With new social connectivity features, both online and offline, the game is now even more social, dynamic, and exciting. Connect with friends across the world as you compete for club glory.

Improved Training – Training has been completely revamped with more than 300 new skills, a more robust training structure, an interactive representation of tactical scenarios, and more realistic player interactions.

EA SPORTS FIFA 18 delivers all the tools you need to run an entire club. Manage your players on and off the pitch using full-fledge AI, while choosing from over 500 authentic kits in over 40 football leagues in over 200 real-world countries. Get your gameplay on with up to 11 players on a single screen in new Online Leagues, as well as Caros, Matches, and tournaments. Or play in this year’s first FIFA Tournament, with a new online tournament system that gives you full control over your online season.

Game Features

EA SPORTS FIFA 18 will be the most fluid and authentic sports game on the planet. With FIFA 18’s gameplay advancements, ball physics, and new presentation engine, it’s designed to feel like being there. Take over management of your favorite club and realize your own personal dream of leading your club to glory. Play the most authentic club football experience in EA SPORTS history.

Choice. Authenticity. Control.

From personalizing your stadium to choosing your preferred play style to managing your roster, the possibilities are endless in FIFA 18. Choose from more than 500 on-field kits in 40+ leagues in 220+ countries. Customize everything about your club, from looking and playing to how you score goals. Welcome to soccer.

FIFA Points – Unlock the rewards. In FIFA 18, your actions on and off the field will help you rise through the ranks. To unlock new kits, bundles,


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • New Player Trajectories (PS4)
  • The Best FIFA Moments of the Year (Xbox One/PC)
  • Road to the World Cup (PC)
  • League of Legends (Console)


Free Fifa 22 Crack + [Win/Mac]

Football has been a part of life for millions of people for generations, but now it’s available to play like never before in FIFA. With more ball physics, control, and ball-racing techniques than any other soccer game, FIFA’s your chance to show your friends what you’ve got. Powered by Football, EA SPORTS FIFA is more flexible, more intelligent and simply more fun than anything that’s come before it.

Does the PC version support mouse and keyboard controls?

According to the product page it does.

They also confirm the new controllers for PS4 and Xbox One as the real thing, not a Bluetooth thingy.

Having played a FIFA demo on the PC, this is pretty much the same setup as the 360 and PS3 one.

Having played a FIFA demo on the PC, this is pretty much the same setup as the 360 and PS3 one.

PC – MP matchmaker

Have you tried playing FIFA on a PC?

I haven’t but I hear it’s not that much fun and you can’t do some of the things that you’re used to doing on a console like bind a button to a key.

Yeah, but maybe this is one of those things and the controls you’re used to (mouse and keyboard) are the optimal ones.

PC – MP matchmaker

Can I view my friends’ private rooms?

No, and it’s honestly a bit disappointing to see a lot of people complain about it. If I’ve got a million FIFA players and we want to play each other for money, we can do that on a PC, but you can’t on your console. No one’s going to be mad at you if you keep your


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System Requirements For Fifa 22:

OS: Windows 7 or 8
Processor: Core i3 or AMD dual-core or better
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: 1 GB of video memory or newer
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 20 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX-compliant sound card
Additional Notes:
Racing Wheel: Required for racing game mode (not available for standard game mode)
Keyboard: Required for all game modes


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