Priston Tale Koreano – CD 03 De 04 Tournament Cheats

Priston Tale Koreano – CD 03 De 04 Tournament Cheats


Priston Tale Koreano – CD 03 De 04 Tournament Cheats

Priston Tale is a science-fiction role-playing video game published in 2001 by XSEED Games and released in North America on September 26, 2002 and in Japan on January 18, 2003. The game is set in a future in which all of humanity lives in space, with Earth as a planet within the solar system.
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Chupandólogos (or Khubaz) is a female humanoid encountered in Priston Tale. It is the Warlord of the Western Territories. She is a Master Magick-user who casts Mage spells while on the base at Plutonia 7. She has a sole goal, which is to hunt down the Red Mage.
Before Priston Tale was released, the Warlord’s goal was to cause the total destruction of Mage Castle and the deaths of its inhabitants. However, as the game progresses, she decides that this may not be the best course of action. Another Warlord claims that the destruction would force the Magus to send more troops to fight the Mage Castle. In the end, the previous Warlord comes up with a compromise that she believes would be best for all: she would kill the Red Mage, then kidnap her. From there, she will bring the Mage to her castle, where she will destroy the castle and all of the Mage Castle’s inhabitants.
The only exception to this plan is the Mage King and his Mage Troop, as well as the Majin and the Antagonist, since they serve the Mage King in his castle. In the final battle, the Warlord sacrifices herself so that the Mage Castle can be destroyed. She dies with the Red Mage and the Majin in her hands.
She is, as mentioned earlier, the Warlord of the Western Territories. Her dialogue is the same as that of the other Warlords.
The “Priority” weapon that she gives you in battle is Catapult, a projectile that launches fast, long, and far, but does not have great accuracy. Its attack rate is medium.
She is a loyal follower of the Mage King.
She can be battled in any one of the Warlord Camps that can be found to the west of the Mage Castle. If there are also no Majin- or Antagonist-powered Warlords available, she will appear as a normal NPC at the Warlord Camp.
She also appears in the soundtrack of the game, featured on the track “Chupandólog

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Priston Tale Koreano – CD 03 De 04 Tournament Cheats
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