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This article looks at how Photoshop can be used to produce images for woodworking enthusiasts. You will learn how to use Photoshop to create a wood effect, create a photo inspired drawing, and even how to use patterns and shapes for cutting.


1. Find images you’d like to put through Photoshop’s Image Processor.

You can find these images on the web, at your local library, or by visiting your local flea market. You’ll want wood- or metal-patterned images, such as those on a Christmas tree, a stencil design on a vintage patterned curtain, or a beautiful metal picture frame.

Whatever subject you choose, make sure to find good, high-quality images.

Also, look for interesting, interesting patterns and shapes that you can use for various projects.

2. Create a new, 16-bit Photoshop document.

It is a better choice to make a new document, as you can always go back and edit it if you change your mind. For your first step, create a new Photoshop document of the size you wish to use, but not much larger.

In this example, you’ll create a 24″ x 48″ document. This size will be the final document size if you choose not to use the entire canvas. You can change the document size in the Image Processor at any time.

If you want to use the whole canvas area, change the Width and Height box at the bottom-right corner of the canvas to be exactly 24″ by 48″ and click OK.

3. Copy and paste your pattern into the new document.

The easiest method to place images into a new document is to copy the image you wish to paste into the new document, using Edit > Copy.

Click the image you want to paste and drag it to the canvas.

When the image is pasted, you’ll see a copy of the image on the canvas beneath the original.

Select the copied image by clicking on it and using the Edit menu, but do NOT click the lock icon to the left of the image. Then click Edit > Paste.

The Image Processor will fill the entire canvas in the new document. You can crop the image as needed after pasting it.

4. Edit the image.

Click the image once to make sure it’s selected, then use the various tools from the Tools panel to start editing the image.


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Photoshop Elements | Source: Adobe

How to get started

To open Photoshop Elements from the start screen of the Home app, open the app, then tap the “Elements” option from the top of the screen.

Alternatively, you can use the search function to find Photoshop Elements in the app store.

The Photoshop Elements app icon | Source: Adobe

You may have noticed that Elements does not include some features such as Copy, Paste, Text and Editing tools. These feature are offered within the default Photoshop application and are not included in Elements. Elements is a simple online graphics editing platform, so it lacks the more advanced features that allow advanced users to modify images more easily. To edit, you can use the features of Photoshop, which include the familiar toolbox, dropper tool, and keyboard shortcuts.

Setting up Photoshop Elements

You can start by installing the software on your computer. To do so, download and install the software from the Adobe website.

You also have the option to purchase the software from your local electronics store, but it is more expensive, and requires a license that you can buy at a local store.

When you open Photoshop Elements, you will be greeted with a welcome screen.

As you can see from the image above, elements is as you might expect: an online platform, which is different from the desktop version.

Do not worry about not having the most advanced tools available in Elements. You can download the optional extras like Patterns, Adobe Stock, Adobe Cloud, and so on. You will also find that the software has a simple, visual interface, similar to that of Google Photos, or any other photo-centric app.

To access the “Welcome” screen, you have to click the down arrow on the “W” icon in the top right corner of the screen and choose “Introduce Yourself.”

On the next screen, you can select from three different tab choices.

The easiest option is to choose “Create & Edit” from the “Welcome” screen. This will show you your first image, along with basic features.

The option “Create & Edit” will take you to the first image of the Welcome page | Source: Adobe

Choose the second tab to see your most recent images.

Choose either the third or fourth tab to upload your original images. This will open the familiar file

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