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Purpose and use

Cracked AutoCAD With Keygen is a product which produces drawings, 2D images, and 2D/3D models. AutoCAD Crack Keygen is used in a variety of fields and industries and is installed on approximately 6 million computers worldwide.[1] It has been called “the standard of the industry” and “the most widely used drafting program in the world.”[2] It is usually used by architects, engineers, and construction workers who need to construct or design their projects. AutoCAD is not just for civil engineers, it can be used by anyone who needs to create drawings and is well suited to graphic designers and illustrators. It is used in fields such as construction and architecture, where the accuracy of drawings is critical to ensure the building or structure is erected and built correctly. AutoCAD uses a special language that is used to communicate commands to the computer and create the visual effects seen on screen. This language is called ACADLIN (AutoCAD Linage).

What it can do

AutoCAD is a very versatile software package. It can be used to create architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) drawings and 2D images. It can be used to create 2D drawings of everything from concept models to detailed architectural plans and sections. AutoCAD can also be used to create highly detailed 3D models of anything from buildings and bridges to cars and boats. It can be used for architectural models, architectural design, model building, engineering, and modeling, animation, or any other field which utilizes 2D and 3D models.

It is very common to use AutoCAD to create architectural drawings and section drawings for engineering projects. For example, engineers use AutoCAD to create and modify architectural models to ensure that their designs and calculations will work correctly. They then use AutoCAD’s powerful drafting tools to create section drawings of the design. The designer can also draw in 2D to review the design, use drafting tools, or create preliminary 2D drawings of the structure. The designer then runs calculations on the design using AutoCAD’s powerful calculations feature. Once the calculations are complete, the designer exports the drawings to any format (PDF, JPEG, DWG, JPG) that can be used for presentation purposes or for sending to a client.

The Architectural plans can be created using various software tools, but the default AutoCAD tools allow the user to create the plans quickly and easily. The most common types of plans are ax

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A number of Autodesk’s products are available as software as a service. For example, AutoCAD 360 provides an online interface to the tools in Autodesk’s AutoCAD Product Suite.

Autodesk is also known for its free technical support to users in answering Autodesk-related questions in the forums and via email.

Autodesk publishes a software evaluation package called AutoCAD 360. The evaluation package consists of three applications: AutoCAD, AutoCAD Web App, and AutoCAD 360 Collaboration. AutoCAD is a traditional 2D-based version of AutoCAD with the ability to import and export the format of DWG and DXF.

Autodesk also offers a monthly subscription service for its line of software products, AutoCAD Cloud. The service is designed to provide additional features and a tailored user interface for the software. Some of the services offered include the ability to download/upload DWG and DXF files from a networked file server, be able to view files offline, track changes, the ability to create and edit files in a co-authoring mode, and more.

The first version of AutoCAD was released in 1984. Version 2014 was released in 2012 and is the last version of AutoCAD before its name change to AutoCAD LT. AutoCAD LT is an entirely new line of software which is similar to AutoCAD 2014 but has a different user interface.


AutoCAD has a user interface which has evolved over the years. The original model of the interface was to help create objects using a double-click, and it has always been able to open and close objects using a simple click. Objects were commonly opened by double-clicking on an object name, but clicking on an element or changing to another drawing window or tab changed the status of the object. For example, dragging a window across the screen would change the status of an object to OPENED or CLOSED.

Since the introduction of the ribbon, the ability to modify objects has been simplified and can now be done by clicking on a ribbon tab. Common changes to objects such as dimension, style, or constraint can be changed by clicking on a tab at the top of the drawing window. This includes:
Basic operations, including Boolean operations, line intersection, arc intersection, arc blending, and text
Advanced operations, including dimensions and dimension constraints
Data input and output such as points, text


Login to Autodesk Autocad.
Click on “Files” tab on top, it opens a list of file. Find autocad.exe and click on it. It starts download.
Copy the downloaded file into the “program files” folder.
Run the Autocad.exe from the “program files” folder.


Download the following file:

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How to pass an Integer to a void Method using intents.putExtra(“p1”, value)

I’m new to the android studio.
I have a void method inside the java class.
void changeImage(int imageId);

I need to pass an integer to it using the following code:
Intent intent = new Intent(MainActivity.this, Page1.class);

Intent intent = new Intent(MainActivity.this, Page1.class);
int i = 0;
i = i + 1;
intent.putExtra(“p1”, i);

Page1 is an activity, i have set its value as 0 in the void method.
The problem is the value of i is 0.
How can i pass the value of the integer to the void method.


After reading the comments i have added the answer and just for the sake of completeness.
It is not possible to pass an integer as a parameter to an Activity.

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What’s New in the?

Send or convert drawing comments to drawings while you work. Keep designs interactive with feedback, and refine them in CAD at the same time.

Convert a picture to editable text with Cut Path Text tool.

Continue your drawing by drawing on top of existing objects. Add layers to a drawing and reuse them across different models.

Export and open the same drawing with different file formats. Generate a PDF from a model, export in DXF, and open the DXF with AutoCAD LT.

Import objects from a 3D scene into your model. Import a subdivision surface model or a photorealistic image, align it to your drawings, and keep it up to date.

Track changes as you update your drawings. All of the changes you make to your model are logged and automatically recorded in your drawings.

Work with customers and suppliers online. Email your colleagues, and search for drawings and drawings created in other libraries.

Manage projects with your group from a single application. Work on a drawing together, while sharing comments, tags, and more.

Share your drawings and review them. Create comments in a drawing, and assign them to another person.

Autodesk Value Added Services


Experience the power of AutoCAD and collaborate in the cloud. Work on large AutoCAD projects online with Autodesk 360. Use the same drawing on multiple computers with the cloud and an internet connection.


Get tips and assistance for creating professional drawings. Run interactive tutorials, and connect with Autodesk experts.

On-Demand Webinar on CAD, CAM and PLM Made Easy for Autodesk 360

The new Autodesk 360 webinar will show you how to learn, collaborate, and work in the cloud, and prepare for Autodesk’s new CAD, CAM, and PLM.

Autodesk 360 is a cloud-based software platform that offers Autodesk customers an alternative way to work and collaborate. With Autodesk 360, you can use cloud-based technology to access, edit, manage, and share Autodesk applications. You can use Autodesk 360 to work on large projects, including Autodesk 3D modelling and visualization software, Autodesk Mechanical Desktop, Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Plant 3D

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

* VRAM: 4096
* GeForce GTX 760 or better / Radeon R9 270 or better
* Intel Core i5, or AMD equivalent
* 32GB RAM (32GB is required)
* USB 2.0 ports
* DVD drive or equivalent
Control the Paros
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